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Seaglass Tumbling Grit - Make Seaglass in 3 Step Process W/Bonus Frost Polish

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Use this Grade A tumbling grit to tumble glass and make a Seaglass effect in a rotary or vibratory tumbler. This product is made in the USA and is of the highest quality used in industry. The kit includes more than enough media to tumble a full load of glass in a 3 pound rotary or vibratory tumbler. The product can also be used in other sized tumblers with simple ratio adjustment. The grit and polish amount in this listing is offered with free shipping! in the US. The tumbling process for rocks uses a three step process and these abrasive and polishing materials. The following four items are included:
  • One 4 oz. package extra coarse silicon carbide (36 grit) used in Step 1 (skip this step in a vibratory tumbler)
  • One 4 oz. package of coarse silicon carbide (60/90 grit) used in Step 2
  • One 4 oz. package medium silicon carbide (120/220 grit) used in Step 3
  • One 1.5 oz package pre-polish silicon carbide (500 grit) used in Optional Step 4, more precisely controls the amount of frost or haziness in your glass. People want a nice amount of frost but they also want smoothness. Pre-polish provides the smoothness effect better than the three coarser grits.
The abrasive media is shipped in separate plastic reclosable bags.