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We love the fun of tumbling. Whether you are a professional who produces amazing gems and  polished stones, or a hobbyist who wants to see what their weekend rock finds will look like after tumbling, there is something great about rock tumbling. As we say in our opening photo, "When that tumbler's running you just feel like you're winning".  It's the producer in all us.

So our company and this site is dedicated to making sure nothing stands in your way of producing great stuff.  We concentrated on bringing essential supplies to the rock tumbler community. We have created easy to order rock tumbling kits and single grits at affordable prices and in the quantities you need. To find out more about how to order click here.

We provide the highest quality grit using professional grade standards to serve your rock tumbling and gem finishing needs.

We are always glad to hear from you and to provide any resources that would be helpful. Contact us here.

Keep Tumbling!