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Making Money Selling Your Tumbled Rocks

Posted by Art Nutz on

Can you make money selling your tumbled rocks?

Some of you are already engaged in serious rock selling commerce. Many people love rock tumbling and tumble as a great way to spend time. Some start by actual going out on a rock hunt and finding the rocks they want. Much of your finished product is too good to part with and this is understandable. But sometimes you consider that it would be nice to sell the items you love less and buy some new equipment or tumbler. It would be nice to sell rocks to support your passion

Where can I sell?

There  are some suggested avenues for selling your rocks. People have done extremely well at fairs and crafts shows with little overhead and time commitment. The other avenue is to approach local merchants such as gift, home decor and specialty stores. Even some restaurants now have cases of jewelry and other items. Coffee shops sell wall art.

If you visit these venues personally with samples and a good presentation you will be surprised at the owner's receptivity. While it may be the case that they are not immediately interested in buying your items they may be very open to consigning them. This is where you give them the items to sell and when they sell you are given a set percentage of the agreed selling price.

How can I be successful?

The most important thing to say here is that there is tremendous opportunity here,, especially if you can add your clever touch in packaging and telling a story about the rocks.  The fact that a local person made them is extremely positive in this commerce environment. Beyond that there are a number of value added approaches that will multiply your selling price many times. There are lots of key tips that we are interested in sharing with you and will do so in the coming blogs and information pages.


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